Im on edge. At the horizon line of a revelation. Its that close. Too close skinny close. Just waiting for the ball drop, the shit to get down. And then coming about to a moment of pure agency. (Youve seen this before) Part unknown, part knowledge, a pinch of foolishness (though no formula can do justice). The ball rolls. It only makes sense in hindsight. Today i had one of those again. Felt like ive been here once– must be the lack of sleep or my head going haywire. In any case good ole Edna St Vincent Millay may be right– Life Isnt One Thing After Another, Its The Same Damn Thing Over and Over. Now those are pearls worth a thousand circular lifetimes. I can console myself with inconsequentiality and amplify the joys of sunday morning rides, high and driving, greeneries, risky corners, la di da.. What are young men’s dreams but hubris and foolishness? Steel to temper. The iron is hot.


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