Moving Out Takes Practice

Thanks for giving me this- (though I pulled a Popoy on you a couple of times) a relatively peaceful exit. Unlike the recent one, since I left Door Five with a footed 12k bill. In that final two weeks I had to wake up earlier and fill a gallon of mineral water just to bathe. Though I felt holier than usual, I was fronting that the building’s plumbing was in leaks- when the truth was my pocket was sparse dry. Knew I had to leave soon. Snuck my entire life out of that room on a sunday afternoon. I’m bad with money like I’m bad with words since I shell out too much, you said. I slip the receipt under the gap of your door this time. No knocking, no demands. Two years ago (on the very same date I move out of you) I packed my boxes out of my first apartment unceremoniously so. Can’t say that was enough practice but it will do.


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