September Rain

Lady rain, you never called

the day you came.

You don’t ring on my phone anymore,

no voice to remind me of gray

clouds rolling down blowing

from the east-south-east.

Lady rain, I wonder how you do it,

you come and go without remorse,

no heed for all the puddles and wet shoelaces,

blown-away ponchos and umbrellas,

and you ruffle everyone’s feathers

with all of yourself.

On the bluer days I dream to wake up

strangled in your embrace,

cold dark gray and somber,

but the kind of sad I’d like to do-

beneath the sheets,

your hum on my ears.

Lady rain,

I found my own cloud

to write lines and hues,

when you’re away.

She comes around,

but I’d like her to stay,

I like to keep it that way.

Lady rain,

will I ever see you again?


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