There are days that begin with dread and anxiety and go about rough and unforgiving, but it’s the way you lay in bed after a long day, a full belly and a fulfilled feeling that’s deep down the veins.
Today was one of those days.

Finished Juno this morning over a cup of joe and went on.

Projects like these are tests for my level-headedness, critical and quick thinking, and also the resiliency to rise beyond the emotional and stress breaking point. Im just glad I didnt today.

I am happy because some of the speakers spoke volumes about what I want the community to know. That there is a better future. That there is still people fighting for culture. I didnt stand up the stage or say any lengthy harangue but one of my convictions why I wanted to make this work is simple: change has to begin somewhere.

Im happy working with really great people. Three months in preparation has stretched my limits but it has also brought out character; the core of who I am. In the end, the bare babe or myself is a lonely, solitary figure who dreams to share his dreams as a duty he is born into and has chosen.


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