Girl 2.0


Im not sure why Ive lost my luster or your luster to me- its been great seeing you around most days but what’s sad about it is I just see you and that’s it. I still wonder how your voice sounds when you talk to me, cause in my mind it sounds different everytime.

Wish I could ask you out for dinner. Wish youd say yes. Then itd be a first for the both of us. But then its either youre busy or Im busy, or at least pretending to be, cause if in any case youd need anyone to hang around late at night when the rooms get stuffy and everyone bored, Im just a call away.

Dear girl, wish I had all the time for the chase, wish I had never screwed it up last month, and I wish things werent so different now as it was when summer began, but you still remind me of all the good things, yes you still do, and Im still curious about who you are, and how its like to be with you.

I dont know if youd ever read this but if you do, dont let me know. Ill be thinking about a lot of things- and one of them is if youd ever call me to come over and have a drink, or some eggs, right by the road.


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