Monday, 138am

Two things of delight to live with:

Old friends and same habits.

Are there compartmentalized friends? Different people who perceive you differently than others?

It is always good to share good drinks with old friends. There are unspoken stories left to open again after years and surprisingly find people who are likely to share the same drive and motivation you didnt see before.

People are the same and they grow to what they really are. Do grow old to fulfill their wisest, reverent forms, and in turn, become crudest, rawest versions of themselves?

Ive sat beside an old man I was next in line to in a fastfood. He told me things about how he felt about the country, like its hopelessness and the women being close to whores. He told me he was ex-CIA. While the whole time he kept repeating things, I just stared at the cap he wore on top of his head. It was red. After an hour or so I left him there. His hat was red, and he didnt make sense, and he was interesting.

Reminded me of a taxi driver I sat with who was a retired 2nd lieutenant. It was rainy and I bought a beer for myself, but on the way home he told me a lot of firsthand accounts from his time in the military. He had a dent on his head where a bullet came through and patched it with four bandages and lived to tell the tale. We sat in the taxi infront of our house for quite a while and talked about the truths he believed in.

I wonder if Ill have truths to tell to people I run to when im older. These days ive lived through life according to how i see things, and these are my truths. I wonder if ill be interesting enough to get sat beside with a random stranger and have a talk. Or maybe Ill drive taxis.


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