Six minutes till 4am and in this part of the world things will be set into motion. People are like clocks that dont work when you dont have your eyes on them.

Here I am chewing on a day old piece of bread, in the living room, hours short before my eventual last year in college. Four years was quick. Having been woken up by thirst and short breaths made me to sit up. And now Im wide awake.

Wouldnt know what to feel about it. The past four years was a dedication into finding my place in the creative world. Came by a flurry of sleepless days and tired mornings. Enjoyed it.

Here I am sitting on our wrinkly maroon couch, a minute till the clocks start to tick and the sun to peek from its caves. Just making sure i wont forget this is in the same vein i wanted to remember my last year of elementary: March 31, 2007, and still the same. Couldnt sleep, waiting for the sun to come. Maybe Im not one for sleeping until things happen. Maybe Im bound to see suns rise to new beginnings.

I finished the piece of bread and my mouth is dry.


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