Loverboy Chronicles 1

From a review standpoint, your entire life in the dealings of love and attraction was largely a struggle between briding the ideal and the realistic. For an visual reference, refer to that expectations vs reality scene in the sleeper hit 500 Days of Summer

What we’re trying to say here is that, your degree and tendency of idealizing women, your encounters, story, reactions, chemistry, and even down to her voice, is somewhat borderline absurd. In a life spent trying to imagine the worst and the best inside your head, this has got to work against you. Classic Hansen example

Before you’ve even met or spent time for a talk or just hang out in silence you’ve cooked up a million scenarios in your head between you and the girl and in reality it turns out that you’re pretty much bummed out from all the activity that’s happened inside your head and not in whats actually happening, flipping through her pictures in facebook trying to second-guess their humor and how they talk, reading through their tweets and microblogs trying to analyze how they think

It’s sad

It’s hopeless

You’re better off with girls who live in paperbacks and torrent files,

they’re always what you expect them to be


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