Somehow I wish I could turn back time and stop myself from hopelessly getting drunk and stoned trying to feel something and in the morning, rereading all the incomprehensible short messages and half-assed poems written at 3. I’d like to apologize to you and your friends for being such a bother when I felt like I needed it, including your sister. She’s really nice.

If there was anything I’d wanna let you know, you’re one of the good things that happened this summer. You were the sun that I ran into that night we were pushing pool and that awkward text message I sent you when I wasn’t myself, but the next day you came and beat down your light on me. The entire time I was at home trying to play sober you were out there plowing in the seas, living the time of your life, and somehow it reminded me of good summers that were full of new stories and new friends. You were interesting.

To tell you the truth, you’re a wonder.



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