In the Defense of Poop

let it be known that this train of thought had had occured during, and right after taking a dump in the toilet. and yes, i am as straight as a flagpole.

the act of poopage has always been a sensitive topic to man, probably in consequence to our sensitivity towards certain scents.

but why do we stigmatize poop and the act of doing so?

one of my strongest theories which i basically pulled out of my ass is

we are biologically advanced to deal with poopage matters. humans have gone too high up the evolutionary ladder to spend time tinkering with poop and learning its properties and probably digging it for something unlikely, say, consumable food or rare substances (with the exception of very rare species of humans who are coprophages, and medical technicians [yes, it’s a career- and with due importance to the survival of mankind.])

this theory implies that humans have been tinkering with their poop (just like some dogs do today and yes, my dog is guilty- looking at you, Doodle) for probably thousands or millions of years. maybe it’s an evolutionary requirement to resist the urge to spend time to go through poop and realizing that it is total waste of time and effort to expect that you’ll find anything in there. and then, through genetics- by passing on the “don’t-give-a-shit-about-shit-gene”, we have become what we are today: an elitist and judgemental race towards poop.

but given the transcendence from base biological needs into a conscious, thinking, and oftentimes vain race, we have developed an concept that assesses and reassesses practices and ideas, to basically, further this given and developed consciousness we gained through alien intervention; (citation needed) and that concept is called culture.

now, culture, as what was stated above, can question itself: existing ideas and practices and challenges them to be acceptable in a society.

here i am, proposing that we rethink our opinions about poop and the act of doing so. being a part of a sensible and thinking race of evolved primates, we can question the traditional views and practices of poop.

– – – – – – – –

it’s funny to think that in a society that could think about considering something biologically repulsive, say, poop, or murder, or mutilation, cannot readily accept something as biological as bisexuality.



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