It’s the 24th and being the annual grinch that I am, with all the things 2013 has stuffed into a metaphorical box with a dick drawn in with permanent marker with a ribbon of dental floss wrapping it up, I present you the probably the bitterest bitter Christmas post throughout the internet.


There’s your dick, sir

But I’ll save you from any kind of misery I seem to enjoy basking in anyway. I have been too self-absorbed or too distracted to take note of the days that pass (it is somehow normal to me that weeks feel like one long day) leading to Christmas, so I kind of just woke up to 5 days left till then! stuff everywhere.


Was my first reaction

Which reminds me. The Christmases from way back were huge light parties and getting 100-peso bills from the yearly designated Santa Claus, cold weather and the scent of Bougainvillas in the air. And endless ‘bless tito’ and ‘bless tita’s.


Kinsa diay ka

Then Christmases, they became meaningful because of the girls you scrimped and saved for to get a pink guitar… which you didn’t find during the last-minute shopping everywhere so you just went on ahead and got a red one. It happens during puberty.



I don’t know but sometimes I feel like asking the world what this really means.. And why I don’t feel that as Christmassy as before. I feel like hiding in the shadows and pretend that I’m Batman or something and think about all the good things that used to be.

Like the long road trips to the province and opening fucking wrapping paper. Or the elementary christmas parties you happily anticipate for a Zoid or a sketchbook inside a huge box, or the highschool christmas parties where everyone’s hunting for their own pink guitar for their someone. Or the titos and the titas you dont know but you still go and take a bless. Or the little things like Christmas lights.



I’m not sure if these gave meaning to Christmas.

But I’m happy having the cooler air around, the Frank Sinatra christmas songs in the Shopping malls, all the sales, the reds and the greens, the annual christmas parties, seeing your old friends, a fat red beardy old man, all the girls you’ve been with, your antique titos and titas, the kids that were so little they could fit in your bag- they’re now rowdy-ass fuckers who bump on basically everything they run into, Christmas trees and donkeys and half-real people sitting in a manger over a little babe, or the thought that it’s snowing half a world away from me –

Oh fuck being the grinch, I’m having my own piece of Christmas!


PS Thank you Jasikuen (Maka move on nako) and Vixtre (Lame shirt and very expensive Lens which I do not have a camera for)  for the stuff they gave me for this year’s Christmas!



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