A Love Letter for the Quake

Dear Quakes,

You came on a silent tuesday morning, without warning, and since then you have filled my life with drama. Cliche as it may sound, but I didn’t see you coming into my life.

Since the day you came I’ve been sleepless every night, trying to think about you and the next time you’ll shake my heart into motion. Every single day I wake up to your gentle (and oftentimes stormy) wake-up calls. I spend hours looking up into the ceiling of every building I step in and look for signs of where you’ve been. (Cracks)

I’ve talked to my friends about our relationship and they say I’m in good shape since you came.  I haven’t been eating much. I’m skipping meals. They even told me to lay off the coffee cause you were enough to keep me up until the morn.

I’ve seen your exes and all I can say that is I hope you won’t be as violent as you were with them.. You know, since you come and go into our lives, everyone has been the same living through the change you’ve come to bring into us.

It’s been almost a week in our destructive relationship. And to be honest I don’t love you at all, and I never will,

You’ll always be that part in my life where life was such a bitch to us all, but we’ll come through okay.

Tomorrow is seven days since we started this rocky, shaky, violent, destructive and emotionally stressful relationship. We need to move on. I don’t want to see you anytime soon.


Cebu and Bohol




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