For the longest time I haven’t had the strength to write in full sentences. To be honest there wasn’t so much in my head, going on days and nights and getting drunk and going home in ungodly hours.

It’s safe to say it has been a way to cope with all the things just coming through and all. It’s also safe to say that for now I dont think it’s much of a big deal. I’ve been in bad shape for the past few weeks and I’ve only thought to myself after reading some online article about crap and whatnot that I’ve begun to start to consider about doing something worthwhile than getting drunk and going home at dawn.

This week I began to run.

I think I wanted this for myself since a long time ago, but I never found that motivation and reason to just go fuck everything and run. But somehow, now, I had. So I ran with impunity.

I could never think about doing anything else almost everyday than looking forward to run. It always felt so liberating.

But it’s what’s good about this is that I’ve been writing in full, understandable sentences again – not truncated verses and syncopated lies. I wish I could find a reason to keep up writing like this. I’ll find a way to write something interesting in a day. I’ll find a way to pull myself together after this because the world doesn’t end here, or anywhere close at all. I just have to trudge at my own pace. Namaste.

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