To all the Ladies I’ve loved Before

I haven’t been there for you when you cried on a New Year’s eve,

I know I haven’t showed up outside your window bringing ice cream and cookies in the middle of the night,

I might not have carried you home on my back,

or straight down on my arms when you’ve passed out after rounds of drinks

I might not have been there to call you when you needed me, when you needed someone to tell you you’re magical and special and you’re one-of-a-kind,

I haven’t written you anything besides dumb text messages before I sleep,

I didn’t have the guts to spite the land and cross seas just to see you, or didn’t try hard to let you know that I care

I know I haven’t been the best guy you’ve thought I would be, the one that will take you out to picturesque dates and romantic evening kisses, or maybe just watching TV at home and laughing all about the geeky and nerdy stuff on it and probably hating on Twilight and shit,

but you still held out for me despite being a messy, erratic and overemotional teenager.

Maybe I loved you in a heartbeat, maybe I loved you for a night, maybe for a week- or for months, secretly;

Thank you for loving me back.


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