Style ni Hisoler

Almost goaled

Writing safe waters cheer lane up

Words are lined up slowly than a narcoleptic typewriter

You by deaf tones

you listen back aches

this is the most feel good walking

i believe in you

throat is sparse


Im a grown up

Shut up than.

I use marijuana because my tthoughts will slow ma gud if i will smeok,

marok and chicken

upstairs still! Kadaugan?

mao ra iya kadaugan?


give an idea

please! go upstrairs

please tairs!

you o oouu ou,

we starve alone in meadows of wheat and bread and barely

but we dont know how to make it,

my heart is medecinal

swedenm berstin, looke, soldie. credit loves this straight


hands in my air

air space

boys begging the older brother olce guy, a battle for approval. approval.

approval palate,

di na maosb if mawala na

please beh,

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