Better days. They don’t come as often as they should be. I could be feeling on top of the world but I don’t know why I decide not to. Not for now, but maybe not for long. Things just have to fix themselves up.

I swear I’ve written a letter for myself when I was younger for myself when I’d turn 18. In times of need, that piece of paper would be likely to remind me to loosen up, think about other things and – just breathe.

I could have been a surfer (or a sea junkie) if I grew by the sea. Or, if we haven’t moved that much since I was little, I would’ve learned how to ride a bike. Or know a little bit more about a place a little better. The longest I’ve stayed in the same place is six years. After that we move. And move again. And move.

Why are we so fond of keeping free entities in containers? Tigers, Birds.. Water.

My whole life seems to be on repeat right now. Every now and then feels like I’ve lived through- So much Deja Vu. It’s remarkable how we fool ourselves into thinking that we’ve been here.. or is it some higher and complicated phenomenon that we pretend not to experience at all?

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