Have a Little Faith.

I just dropped a phone call from my dad from miles away. He’s in China right now, and will soon move and anchor to Korea in the next few days. And in the next few days he’s going to come home. And this might be one of his happiest arrivals ever.

A lot of things happened in the past month; half of a month, to be exact. Right after the euphoria Sinulog brought into the island things kind of changed a bit for me; I knew a bit more of myself and who I was and beyond the curtain of truth that was all baked down before my eyes, suspended in midair, there was truth.

I don’t know but since then I haven’t felt all good with myself. I just moved here and it’s been almost a month of staying here, surrounded by new people, (I have been living alone for the past five months) and it feels cathartic and detrimental. It goes both ways. For one I share my room with a cousin, and I guess I couldn’t ask for anyone else better.

All the stuff I’ve chucked out was fairly good, I feel like I’m growing with the time I’m putting myself into trying new things – creating new things. I don’t believe that my tools are limitations. They’re borders I should get over with. But with school time and out-of-school things to do, sometimes 24 hours isn’t always enough.

So far school is good. Ideas flow pretty well. Ideas happen. Ideas come to life with proper management. One thing I learned recently.

Everything feels better except for the fact that I have been irritable and impatient and temperamental for the past half-moon. To be honest, losing my temper isn’t a guilty pleasure of mine- in fact I detest it. Temper games aren’t really my thing, much like basketball and virtual soccer, and a whole lot of things that go down the line. During the time I have been emotionally unstable about my classmates, sometimes people I work with and sometimes, and most oftenly, people in Facebook- or in Twitter, or anywhere else that comes close to the radius of hot-headedness. I feel like being in a period.

It doesn’t feel good at all, stuck here, but it’s good that this place is a wee bit comfortable than my last place. I might have been stripped away of privacy for at least 10 hours a day, but I’ve got cable tv, a fridge, and a bigger room. Big enough to break dance.

Friends have been well, and I hope they continue to be well.


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