A Letter for the Lady


Dear Shin,

Of all the days that my haircut can seriously go so wrong,  it seriously cannot be today. But good lucifer it is and it is screwed up so well

But I’m going to pull this one off. We’ve been in this ship for two years, going on three and counting – but it feels like I’ve been with her for so long and (Surprisingly) for a guy who has a really short attention span, I’m still with her. The wavy waves of trans-college days, adjustments from being in exhausting long distance have their own days but I still wonder why I’m still with her, when it’s safe to say that she’s not exactly my cup of tea..

But the love for tea grows with age and so does with her. She’s quirky, bubbly and sometimes loud – pretty in the largest and rawest sense. I’ve seen Sheenna in her baddest days, but just like all the other boys who trip into the traps of falling in love, I’ve held out for her and without forcing it, she still is beautiful to me. The way she talks isn’t always perfect, but she has her charm, and I’ve grown to love it every phone call after midnight.

There are days when her hands are rough, there are days when they’re slippery from the sweat, but I don’t remember a day I spent with her without holding her hands – You get to learn how to treasure how much you can do with so much little time with someone you can only spare a couple of days to be with after months of being away. And the months of being away makes you forget her face, or her scent, or her laugh, – how you imagine her going to school, how you’d picture her out sitting the time out in the traffic inside the bus, and what you can only do is to wish to be there with her to at least make her feel she’s not always alone.

It’s not hard to love her at all. You can say a lot of people like her, guys and girls and strangers and friends from the past, people she meets on the street or an anonymous classmate in some random classes.. Cause maybe for some she’s everything they want – a girl close to perfection.

Maybe I just got lucky having her in my life- Maybe it’s a blessing, and a challenge.

She calls me first most of the time, reminds me of the things that I miss to do sometimes, keep my morality (and words) in check, and so many things in between her busy and erratic schedule. She can go have a drink with me and not topple over after several glasses – She’s smart and quick and witty and has the wit to match. She knows what she needs and what she wants and her priorities. She knows when to say yes and no to all the big and small things that she comes upon.

But then she needs you to wake her up to study for her test, she asks you to change her Profile Photo in Twitter or in Tumbler cause for some reason she’s not keen on looking around for stuff, she tells you that she’s changing her hair color to red and I don’t mind at all cause if she wants it, I’m all in.

She’s a girl for keeps.

She’s more than just any girl out there for me, more than the best of the best of my dream girls. I love her and we’ve been in (and sometimes out) of it for two years and a baby third, and it’s always beautiful. It’s always beautiful waking up to her missed calls from 3am cause that’s just the time she sleeps. It’s always beautiful when you go out for gigs at night and she just tells you to enjoy and trusts you with all the things that you do, because she knows you that well. She could be the girl I can love and kiss and hold everyday, and not get tired at all – as long as we’d have all the random food trips, visits to the beach.. As long as I watch the movies she’d want to watch even if I couldn’t stand them at all, just because just being with her feels like magic. And you know you’re in love when you feel that way.

Sheenna, If you ever read this, if ever you read my blog, cause I know you don’t read it too much at all but it doesn’t matter cause that’s you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t text me so much because I know you don’t like texting at all, and that’s just you. It doesn’t matter if you do all the things you want to do as long as I know it’s going to do you well and it’s keeping you safe and happy, I’m gonna give it a go, because that’s you and I don’t want to change you at all.

I can pour out all of my heart writing all of the things I’ve wanted to say for three years, all the good and the bad – I’ll always be your full time lover and friend, your essay writer sometimes, and your partner in anything that you want to do –

And tonight I’m going to dance with you for the first time ever, something I’ve been waiting for for three long years. I’m going to make it memorable.. and I’m sure it will be cause I’ll be in one of my worst haircuts ever.

I love you gugs, more than I’ll ever say. 🙂

12/27/12, 4:20AM


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