String Theory x Dreams

While the nature of dreams have been always set in an indefinable limbo, we sure know how sometimes these projections can feel so real.


They haunt me a lot. They haunt me so much. They feel more than small sections of movies I have seen; or not seen at all. They feel like another life; In another world where I probably live in. Free space. Shifting consciousness. A link to a thousand different possibilities in all other different points.

As much as what I understand of the string theory, or Quantum physics, is that time is not a flowing, continually counting variable- it does not change, because it does not retain. Instead time, or let’s say existence, is being taken several million photographs in every millionth of a millisecond, and all of these several million moments trapped in our theoretical camera obscura is a different frame- very much like a single frame from an animation.

We live in the third dimension. We exist in the languages of length, height and width. The fourth dimension is all the possible outcomes this point can hold true. ‘This’ being right now.

If in this ‘frame’, we examine me, typing this.

Frame one, I continue typing and in a few minutes, or a few frames more, I will be able to finish this post.

Frame two, I continue typing in, and a bullet goes through from my window, blasting my neck, splattering blood all around my small room.

These two situations might hold true in the Fourth Dimension. An alternate reality. Another life, another earth, another everything- but not in the same plane of existence.

But maybe, all we experience or ‘see’ in a dream are projections of a singular, connected consciousness of our representations in all dimensions. Let’s say the dream that I’ve had yesterday night was what happened to me in some different dimension, where I did not decide to get home early yesterday night. And let’s just say all our dreams, the places we feel like we’ve been, the places that seem too real to be dreams, all the experiences, encounters, people we meet in our dream, might be another world, another universe, another plane of existence.

The magic is that in this moment, a million versions of us that we don’t know, or we will never be able to observe, are having their own individual realities. They’re having their own different stories, all the possible effects, all the possible push-buttons, all the possible outcomes- they are all happening right now. At this time. At this very time you’re reading this statement. Everything that happens to you now might not hold true to another several million outcomes that your consciousness is experiencing right now.


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