The Semester Ends

I had a rocky first semester but I can sum it all up in one word:


Yea, I’m pretty sure I won’t get the best grades- that’s not on my list. For the record we’ve had our hands in organizing an event, Creative Direction for shoots, Writing, directing and editing a short film and (We finally nailed it today) a music video. Not to mention the plates, tests and crap in between- and the constant search for happiness in the bigger scheme of things; it was tough but it was worth it.

Check out some of the Behind the Scenes stuff compiled and edited by Alex Mendoza (Emperormeat)

Changes‘, an short film and an adaptation of Cecilia Manguerra Brainard’s Flip Gothic. The whole production spanned only one week, including writing the screenplay, shooting, audio record and editing. I admit the output was a tad bit too short and quick, but still we had fun. That’s whats’ important, I guess.

AD:Mission was a tough and stressful learning experience, but in the end we wrapped it all good. I had to give it to the speakers for keeping up with us and entertaining and of course inspiring the big, sometimes directionless advertising students of the University. This is behind the scenes for one of our shoots. You can tell we had fun Haha

And we’re having Polsci tomorrow. The entire thing was written, shot and edited in less than 72 hours… Fingers crossed we’d make a flat one tomorrow. Hopefully. I still have to put online the pegs and posters for the Di Ingon Nato screenings on October 31. Don’t miss it!

But wait the full film was uploaded, here it is

Cheers. Everyone have a blast for a sembreak, take your time off your Anaphy and Geoshit. We’ll have our time off computer screens and hopefully I’ll be seeing the beach this time around.


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