Orange Juice

I don’t know how much I’ll give you but I will. I will write you notes and put them in your pencil box. Inside your shoes. I will hold your hand when I feel it brush against mine whenever we walk. I will kiss your forehead when it’s time to go, and embrace you near. Just outside your gate. I will not step on the back of your feet whenever you walk fast. I will carry you whenever the monsoon rains come and the streets are flooded and you’re on your slippers. I will sing twenty-five songs in the karaoke with you, I will sing songs that I never will or I never knew, and I will write you songs that have never been heard of in this world. I will be there when you have the roughest red days,  I will call you in the night and we will end till dawn, go to class half-awake, and I will do my best to write you a text when I could. I will not get mad when you don’t always answer to my texts and answer my calls, but I will if you won’t until the day ends. I will call you back whenever the call cuts. I will love the rain just like how you loved it, and the thunder, and the lightning. I will fan you to sleep when the electricity is out, and I will hug you back when you hug me to sleep, and I will kiss you half-awake, and half asleep, just so you know that I love you when I am and I am not myself. I will bake cookies for you. I will meet you on sunday mornings. I will meet you on thursday mornings. I will meet you on the weekend nights, on the weekday nights, and on the rainiest nights. I will be there when you need a cup of warm instant noodles, and I will share my last piece of cracker with you, and I will let you in my room and we could hang and listen to music and talk about anything. I will be real when I’m with you. I will make watercolor drawings with you, I will paint your room and stick photographs from film on your wall. I will bring you to the beach and I will wade in the sun and the sea with you, even if the sea scares me as it is much of a mystery, but a mystery that you are, I will solve you and complete you as long as I will. I might be far away and I couldn’t do much but it doesn’t stop some boy to dream. It doesn’t stop me from giving all I’ve got. It doesn’t stop me from fighting all the odds. It doesn’t stop me to just lay down under the sky and think about you and all the times I have been with you, the stolen seconds, the times I’ve ran away just to see you. I am an unstable youth, but I like you beyond anything, as unexplainable as art and music itself. I like you, and I want you on the worst mornings to make them the best.

I will take time to squeeze orange juice for you, every morning, because I just want to do so, just for you.


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