Dream Journal

Can’t remember the last time I willfully wet myself in the rain, but yesterday I did. All day it was somber and gray and didn’t get a text from her, she had her first quiz yesterday and I was busy staying up late at night reading stuff. I get a lot from reading a lot of crap in the internet at night.

I listed down my dreams on a dream notebook which I kept beside my bed, along with two other sketchbooks and all of my pens. It’s a mess but at least it keeps handy whenever I have any morning rushes.. And yesterday, too, I drew a comic after writing my dream down, something to put down the imagery. I think dreams are good sources of candid ideas, and of which I need most of the time. Something unconscious, a conglomerate of all you’ve seen in all of your waking hours.

Here is what I dreamed about yesterday. I did it in a hasty sketch to catch the imagery, and all of what I have put down here is how I saw it in the dream, in the same chronological order. It’s nice to keep track of your own sanity.

Started out like a documentary about a dude who begged all his college professors to pass him and became a lawyer. The shots in my dream were as what I’ve shown.. He said he could have been an engineer or a chemist, and he could save to build a better house. And some weird people hopped on the jeep I was on and I was in a hurry to get off, and so  I went. I dropped off in some alley. No people. On the left I see some gray building with graffiti. And into a warehouse, I looked through a window and saw people having mass. Suppose its a sunday. Went outside and saw a tent, a huge one like what they use in those King’s Camps.. Met with my old friend Daphne and how we needed to watch several movies which are about 2 hours long and I argued that I couldn’t have the time to watch them all cause I had to go home and rest. I’d look their synopses in the net. And something about a 2nd TLE seatwork..

And another highschool friend of mine showing me another highschool friends’ drawing, which looked awesome, in some cartolina, when our TLE teacher called me in and asked me about my score and I lied. There’s this weird grade-shower machine I’d have to draw in some separate piece of paper. I stole G’s headphones on the way out (I needed a new pair IRL) and we were in a plane, trying to cross another plane. In the last two panels you can see how I float away.. It felt weird and I woke up.


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