I had a dream about a highway, and trains, and having a girl who’s supposed to drive me. We were arguing if I should take the train or take the car. She din’t see any way to go if we’d use the car but I pointed her a way in. And then we drove. There is always something similar in all of my dreams- they’re all linked. When I dream it seems like its’ nothing new, it’s part of a world that I’ve seen and lived in. Fast drives in long highways and neon-light signs a la Tron, it looks vaguely familiar, as if I’ve been there.

I’ve also had dreams about big churches, grassy front lawns, ruined buildings in the night, jumping across with friends. Running away from an earthquake, a stroll with my mom in a playground, it all felt too familiar, too real I can’t tell if I was dreaming, or I wasn’t. A post-bombed downtown, riding on a pick-up truck and rolling around the ruin, white, tainted boring sky, brown and ruined buildings, a cramped and tall subdivision; Claustrophobia.


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