Messianic Complex

I love print design. Some people think it’s dying, and I don’t know. But it feels great when your stuff gets printed! I’ve seen mine printed as tickets, posters, banners, election materials. But this is fresh. Working with music. I like with music to the bone but I guess it doesn’t like me that much.. The first time I picked up the guitar was when I was 9 years old, going ten. Actually my first was the bass so ever since I was always behind it every time I could.. But I wasn’t that good, I guess. Not a lot of my friends during high school were musicians.. Just like me. Didn’t have the time and opportunity to continue what I started. So I lagged behind everyone else in terms of skill. But it didn’t stop me from listening almost every day.

But it’s good being up close with the local scene here. I’m not a musician at all but I listen as much as I can. And I’m not saying I’m good at criticizing stuff too, but I know my taste.

Yesterday my first album cover design got printed and Vince, Tony and I spent the whole afternoon cutting and folding the prints and putting them into the cases in the studio with the ate. Talk about a labor of love! I thought folding stuff was simple but it’s kinda.. Tricky. I guess they’re doing well! I’m not much for Pop-Punk or so what Vince says “Ballsy Pop-Punk”, but I like how un-cheesy but heartfelt the lyrics are written. And the music gives you that euphoric party feeling that you wanna make your head bang.

Today is a new day and I am looking forward watching the Avengers! I just finished Star Wars (1-6!!!) And I’m still all over it. Cheers.


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