Today was Moving

The photo made my day. Taken today, April 13, 2012. I went for a downtown walk at noon with the Zenit-122 SLR camera (analog)  my uncle lent me. This was taken somewhere behind Gaisano Main.

I was supposed to take a photo of the building right across them, but I couldn’t get a full shot. But then the woman smiled at me. All of them, they were lying down on some cartons just beside the street. I gestured to take a photo of them and so the the woman called her son and husband who were nearby, and you know, just smiled. It really made my day. I took the shot. With the first successful roll of film I’ve taken one very, very memorable photo of a very unforgettable experience.. That feeling of being human, without saying anything, you both understand each other- it was mutual.

I’m glad I took that leap of faith going around downtown alone. Maybe one of these days I’ll come around to that spot again and I’ll give them printed copies of their photo. 🙂


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