Omega Button, 2

I read a lot about the Strokes today by the way, about the production of their latest album Angles. They don’t sound so good. I’m talking about the band, not the music. Ten years together and they’re like bleh already. Everyone thinks they’re gonna break up in a year or two. Probably Angles will be their last. Julian C admits he gots his balls messed up in their latest work, recording away and all because he says its too tense in the studio with the band. For one I think the album was their best so far, you can see their growth after some time away from each other. The basic, stripped-away garage rock sound of their earlier records were built on top with fancy guitar work.. Cheers to Nick and Albert to that. By the way Albert needs to get his afro back. And the drummer still doesn’t play fills!!

I’m not a musician but when I listen I try to deconstruct the music part by part. Some people don’t understand how that means but when you get to do it, you’ll know. Breaking down the music sort of gives you a peek on how the bands play individually. You start to acquaint the part to their player. I guess that’s how you know a band. At least for me.

Reading all of it didn’t quite elate me though, I closed the tabs feeling blue in a sudden. Looking at photos of the band that sounds so much like my kind of music, seeing videos of them playing live, Julian C getting the fame into his head.. I guess that’s been going on for years now- It kind of deconstructs them again, like their songs, knowing each of the 5-piece as one individual, and not as a Stroke. JC is an alcoholic, Albert was a previous drug addict. You know how rockstars are. They’re people. They mess up their lives sometimes.

It’s depressing, really. I hoped to feel a lot better being away at sea but back to the daily grind, it doesn’t help that much. I spent some alone time a while ago, went out with a black jacket. I should start drawing again soon, I don’t wanna waste my summer doing nothing at all. I don’t know what I want or what I need, I don’t know why I feel like this for a few days already; I don’t want to go out. I wanna lock myself up and curl into fetal position.



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