The Sun, The Sky, The Sea and the Urchin

A lot of people know how much I detest the sea. It’s an overrated big basin of salty water. That’s it. With several million weird things in it. And I mean weird. I went Island Hopping today.

Today was my first encounter with a Sea Urchin. It walks! Really, you should see it crawl with it spikes. For one thing it makes me think the creature is evil. The spikes, the evil eye, how slowly and evilly it crawls around with its spikes! And for the record, my cousins managed to get one and some guy in the same boat we had ate it. I didn’t find the thought of eating it strange compared to what the actual thing looks like. And another, a two cousins of mine had been prickled with spikes. One cousin on the foot, and another cousin, who had six spikes on one thumb. Six spikes on one thumb. How much could that hurt. I took a peek into the holes.

There was also this crazy rock-like-fish-like-dragon-ish animal we caught which had legs and wings and seriously I could not think of anything it could look like. Out of all the animal books (I was an animal freak) I’ve read since I was little the closest it resembled was a Scorpion fish plus the rocky exterior of a Stonefish. But it had legs. So I suppose it’s a. I don’t know. An uncle of mine told us that there is no need to worry because it’s only a dragon. And in that same moment I imagine a huge version of the little fish inside the dipper jump out the water, all with the big wings and the long neck and the tail and the two flagellate legs. Bummer.

But for the most part I had fun catching up with my cousins. Twas great seeing them again, you know, and hang for a day. And look at girls in swimsuits through binoculars. I ate a lot of Doritos and I expect to have a great bout in the bathroom tonight, which I oddly look forward to. I like letting go, you see. I had a lot of time to think for myself and all the things that have been going on around me lately. Gave me a breather. But maybe that’ll be the last time I’ll see the sun and sea this summer. I’ll be busy with other things.

I hope I can develop 6 (and counting) rolls of film I’ve been keeping since January. I can’t wait to see how they look. Especially from the SLR Camera.

The sun, the sky, the sea. I fall in love with you again today.


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