Note to Self, 3

It’s been straight two days of design work. It’s great to see myself up and running again. I could always use constructive criticism, and I hope the good things don’t make me complacent and stop growing. I’m reading Catcher in the Rye for the most part of this week, to, hopefully finishing it for the long weekend. Maybe tomorrow will be the last day we’ll be working on the yearbook, if not some other short meetings regarding the revamp and polishing of the yearbook. And I guess it’s on me to check up on that.

I know it’s waaaay too late, the yearbook’s supposed to come out mid-year last year, but at least we didn’t rush it.

And I hope the girl understands how I feel right now. Forgive me for being a wee bit too personal, but I have to write it out. Yes, we’re just two different people plus we’re miles apart so there’s not much to boot. I adore her, but there’s just a part of her I can’t stand. Maybe I’m still too young to accept the straight facts. But either way I know I’ll find a way back . Maybe after the long weekend.

Cheers to all you fucking virus-coders all over the world for fucking screwing up my Laptop. For the record I’ve downloaded and installed TWO and I mean TWO antivirus programs IN A SINGLE DAY. Who even does that? And now as I lay to bed I rest without an antivirus program running to keep my laptop safe from all these crap. Thank you! Thank you.


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