Writing, Again

If you keep talking about something you’re supposed to write, then you haven’t written anything to begin with. 

Zombie project, zombie project.. After writing down zombie ethics, I haven’t been doing anything for this stale summer zombie project. Nonetheless, I start writing today. It’s a hodgepodge of ideas, so forgive me for the.. Flowing consciousness of this post, like many others of mine.

Let’s begin in a more personal scale: Showing the lives of what remains of the population here in Cebu City after so the Outbreak. Now Day Zero, Ground Zero and Patient Zero aren’t always tackled in Zombie movies to be realistic. And when we talk about showing the lives of those who remain here after the outbreak would mean offering an unbiased perspective in delivering the information. So that means that’s minus the communication, minus every instant gratification society always had. Given the basic rules about zombies, we put them in play. The Walking Dead Zombies minus the we all have it we just need to die to become a zombie part. I don’t know how to begin so I just start to write, no?

I don’t know how to write it down but maybe I’ll.. have to talk about it with someone else.


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