Another Night Out

I just sort of blanked out as I begin to write this post. The first week of summer was, sad to say, not really a blast. Aside from getting final grades from 2 of my most dreaded subjects, of which I passed, there isn’t a fine lot to talk about. Everyone was jet-set ready, flying to every part of the globe and of the archipelago, and I’m just here, just like many, many nights and days, legs crossed and writing.

For the record, I’ve pirated two games this week, for one, Dragon Age was a fun distraction from all my work. It drained me out like a shriveled old man, or some wet and dried piece of toast. Playing games is just like reading books, contrary to popular belief, it’s just that you’re in the story, not just a silent observer or a third-party reader, or the hero’s diary. You get to move what you have to do in these games, you know.. It’s modern storytelling. I’m also a city builder freak and out of boredom I also pirated a copy of Sim City 4 Deluxe. I remember two years ago I spent all of my sunny afternoons nurturing my growing city with love and care. This time I added more science into it, checking graphs and RCI meters and crap. But it does feel rewarding after an hour or so of gameplay.

Enough with the gamer talk for now. I spent my night out yesterday with some college.. acquaintances. We’ve known after some hi and hellos but they were a-okay for inviting me to the party. I was the only guy until some other dudes came, and thankfully I knew them after meeting them at some parties too. I’m an awkward boy when it comes to a lot of girls. I can’t seem to think or talk straight when I’m with a lot of them. Awkward boys are awkward. And parties, well, they aren’t really my kind of thing, the dancing and all. But there were also babbies of mine who share the same plight. We even made an Indie Babby Corner. And with just that and a few drinks, I had fun all night.

They remind me a lot of my High School batchmates. We used to be so close. For at least four years we stuck with each other and stood up for everyone’s asses.. For some, I think. I miss all of the guys and girls I spent High School with. They are always the ones who knew who I was before life happened. Now seeing these girlaloos  in a party brought myself into a mental resistance check. They were high school buddies and all of them seemed so close. I was happy being there and seeing them together again. How I wish it’ll be the same with my Highschool friends.

I also remember talking about Pheromones. You know how animals attract their mates, right? Or some insects? They release some chemical called Pheromones that attract potential mates. I remember how we attempted to make a study about that during my last year in High School, and how it dealt with cockroaches. As much as possible, I try to minimize contact with the insects. I grew up with my mom Roach-phobic. Even in the night, a sight of a roach would send the entire house in a bloodhound search for the elusive roach until it’s dead or gone. Now I have this theory about how humans emit Pheromones through brain waves.

Nerd alert, but true. Several researches point out the ability of the human mind to emit brain waves that also connect with other peoples’ brains. It is supposed to be the reason behind some love bug’s tumblr posts about thinking  and dreaming somebody from far away is somehow connected to brain waves. Now during these modern-day parties where lights are thin and sounds are deafening, the Theory of Mental Pheromone Emission is in play. People who have the strongest mental pheromones are those who attract the most mates. These are the alpha males, or the class A gurlaloos. They attract several, if not, many mates. Now those who emit lesser mental pheromones (like me) sit around the corner and at least try to emit some party pheromone to pump up the crowd. I should draw an infographic about it sometime.

After I finish the ID I’m working on. After I finish the yearbook. After I finish 2 shirt designs. I’m such a bore. I’m such a scam.. Oh, God, why.. Summer, here I come!


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