Mutual Discontent

I came out discontented with what I’ve been working on for the past hour

Aside from Serion calling it Jeje which disturbed me… I didn’t like it too, not that much. I think it’s too clothing-liney, well, I don’t know. So I took a break. I get a lot of disappointment from my work this week, compared to last week’s top-of-the-bunch design fever.. There are days when I feel like I’m more of a graphic designer than an Illustrator.. Or on some days, none of both. Maybe these are one of the days.

As most often as I said, I always like to talk about how I feel about things. Is that bad or good? A cross self-examination would never hurt, it’s just that I talk too much and work too less and insignificantly that sometimes, I wonder why I’m still in this position. Find me inspiration for my work. The need to watch for more art blogs rises. The need to pick up the pencil and brush rises. The need to rethink and rethink and revisualize the entire concept rises. Ahy, I’ve got the rest of the summer to tend to my metaphorical creative flock. I hope my kids don’t turn out as frustrated as I am.


3 thoughts on “Mutual Discontent

  1. DO YOU REALLY HAFTA MENTION ME SAYING ITS JEJE ALL ZE TIME??? – ser hahaha constructive criticism bai.

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