Music, pt 1

I miss writing songs. Back in high school I always thought it was always a module of escapism for me. Yes, I spent the majority of my high school days in a stressed-out, busy environment but I was always a counterflow. Didn’t study that much, didn’t pay too much attention to schoolwork (unless it was something that interests me) and messed around a lot. Talking with some batchmates a year after leaving High School and all they remember about me is that I was noisy and.. restless. Well, I get that a lot.

Actually it made the ride bearable. Three out of four years in that school, my friends and I want in every year’s songwriting competition.. We never made it, though, but it was fun for the keeps. It brings me to the thought that music is, and has always been there for me throughout my existence.

I’m not a musician. Maybe I’m just not good enough for I’m not as disciplined. But ever since I was little I loved music. Preschool days of Michael Jackson and the real MTV (yes, with the music). I’ll put out a chronological map of the diverse choice of music I’ve had since I was little.. Let’s begin at first grade.

Grade 1 – Bread, England Dan and John Ford Coley. A whole lotta pop available on TV. We didn’t have the luxury of a cable TV before so I used to watch Myx and MTV Philippines whenever it’s on. I remember listening to Atomic Kitten, (gay) Red Hot Chili Peppers.. Linkin Park! But I always thought their music was too hard for me to touch. So I slept on a 10-track CD of Bread of which I managed to have through constant borrowing from a neighbor until I learned my dad had a copy. England Dan and John Ford Coley’s We’ll Never Have to Say Goodbye Again and Love is the Answer. I love their records, and I always put them into the player and sleep. When I wake up the player’s turned off.

Grade 2 –  Eminem, his dirtiest tracks ever, controversial stuff. I remember guessing the censored bad words in the subtitles.

Grade 3 – Strongly educated with the Boyband Doctrine, consumed a Westlife Comback and Revival, Mandy. I was also in for the Chinovela craze. I’ve always had a think for foreign language songs. Jeje me. F4’s tracks, also Ken’s solo Perfect World, Jerry Yan’s I Truly Love You. This was the advent of Computer gaming for me, I took a lot of time off music to play games. I remember writing or better yet Plagiarizing my first (?) composition.. I vaguely remember its tune but it was named Clouds. I remember writing that song at the back of a doctor’s receipt pad in the afternoon, just after I wake up.

Grade 4 – Too Filipino! First encounters with the internet.. Heard of  The Killers, some old stuff. But mostly a lot from TV Shows. We just moved houses at this time, and we didn’t have the TV auto-programmed to have MTV. So far these days I was busy with playing with my PS1, duking out my afternoons with RPGs and Virtual Farming. It of course made my life so colorful. The good old days.

Grade 5 – First dibs into Girls. First dibs into Bass and Guitar. I owe a lot of my musicianship to a friend of mine, Mike Villanueva, he doesn’t have a band or at least play music anymore.. We used to be music-partners for the whole lotta time. Of course there was bisrock and all the radio shit. A lot of MTV in the morning too. First look at Mew, She Wants Revenge, Beck. No internet means waiting for their MV’s to come around once in a while.

Grade 6 – Bamboo, Typecast, RHCP, Green Day, the Punks. Still no internet so MTV. My Chemical Romance. The advent of Emo. Nuff said. Groovin out nooby bass lines. Writing weirdo songs I put in a folder and it’s still somewhere in my room.

That’s it for now, I have to continue this later. Seeya.

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