Runaway Dinner

The fridge at home is clean.. It means I have to move out of the house to search for prey! I didn’t see this coming though. Didn’t save up for Summer Vacation so prolly I’m stuck at home trying to milk out from design stuff. But there’s so much to do this summer! I don’t even want to sleep.

Summer has never been about the beach and vacation for me. Not since a long time. But I’m happy I’m staying away from the water because I’d have to mention that I.. prefer the Mountains than the Sea. It makes me feel safer. The sea is one big huge cup of water with so many unknown and bizarre things going around and under. And the suckiest feeling ever is when you step into mud. Or corals. Or Seaweeds. Or both.

Tired to do photoshit and illustration for a while. Might as well take a break from getting home late – sleeping late – waking up late – being late for every appointment – getting home late and it goes on and on. I wanna be tired! Something tiresome you know, physically tiring so I can get a good shuteye. Too much computer drains your mental fatigue, not to mention it’s boring, but also mental fatigue dries you out for so long until you look and talk like Squidward. Jogging mates, please respawn.

I am forever bothered by the emptiness of the fridge, aside from the cold dinner soup which I really liked..



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