Last week some people have been talking about an earthquake that’s supposed to happen two days ago. I tried looking calm and collected the whole time but deep inside I was paranoid.  I’m in the bath and brushing, imagining the whole cement slab on top of me shaking and falling down on me.. I don’t want to die naked. On the other hand, even if I managed to run out of the bathroom I know I’d be running naked so might as well die Hahaha 

Besides that I’ve cooked up several theories (after years and years of extensive research in the internet) on what’s supposed to happen on that mysterious date in December later this year. Here are some of the best ones.

1. North Korea vs. the World: Even though Kim Jong Un was educated in Europe, we can’t really say the God-Ruler of DPRK has been undoctrinated by the same fervor of his predecessors Kim Il-Song and Jong-Il. This week news brought in some new rocket-testing with a new flight path that’s not going to fly over South Korea. But during the launch process some parts are supposed to drop over South Korea and well, the Philippines. I guess North Korea counts the Philippines as an extension of the South due to the extreme migratory populations present in, well, Cebu alone, not to mention the rest of the country.

2. Polar Shift / Geologic Hyperactivity: I’m sure some part of you is bothered about the tremendous number and strength of earthquakes that have occured in the first quarter of the year alone. It seems like the moles are having a big construction project all over the world or.. The earth is messing itself up. It’s like scratching itself. Maybe, the next thing we know, volcanoes start erupting and plates crash between each other. Goodbye Hawaii. And about that polar shift a psychic from two years ago declared that if humanity could not change its ways, it’s sure to happen. So what happens when a Polar Shift happens? No more days and nights, some parts of the world barely get sunlight for several months.. The planet’s axis of rotation would shift. With the poles at the north and south, we’re still spinning like a top. But when things get messy and the poles relocate themselves somewhere else in the world, let’s not pray the world’s going to roll like a barrel.. Just like Uranus.

3. Political Struggle / World War 3: Remember what our favorite iconic genius said: “The Fourth World War will be fought with sticks and stones.” Yes, yes, three world wars and Humanity is out. Looking at it, things look grim. Pakistan and Israel have their elbows against each other. Russia’s been silent all along but it’s trying to take some little towns from the Baltic states, China overruning Tibet, USA losing its economic power, EU on a population drop, Middle eastern countries keeping a tight belt on their oil.. Sometime from now it’s not surprising when world leaders call in Ultimatums and Nuclear bans. In this age there are no battlefields. Everyone is collateral damage. Fear is the biggest weapon. And this time, if ever war was is to be fought, no victors will be decided. It only decides who is left.

I talked about this to some of my blockmates before our painting exam started and I think they sort of freaked out a bit. I’m not saying I’m ready for all of this, but it’s good to have.. Knowledge if you call it, about what’s gonna happen.. Not saying that it really is. There’s also this theory about the Moon and how it affects all of us.

You know that moon’s gravitational pull controls the tides. Humans are made up of 70% Water, so more or less, the moon’s got a pull on us. This time around the moon’s been too close or something or I don’t know how to say it, that it has a big and drastic effect on the emotions of humans, and animals. It has been theorized that during the greatest world conflicts the moon has been to some extent, close to the earth. The Middle Ages, World Wars 1 and 2. That explains why everyone acts like they’re on a period.

But on the brighter side, I hope 2012 brings in the Age of Aquarius. It’s scientology. You know, Tom Cruise, Oprah.. All these new age shit popping up everywhere. The Age of Aquarius is described to be an age where the whole human race would transcend from our old ways; the world minus stereotypes, races, denominations, religion.. The human race now has to think and feel the same. And on this stage we are ready to move on to a greater intellectual state as a singular specie. But it’s not all good. You know the Illuminati thing, they’re trying to control the world.. It’s gonna be like that. I guess. Uniting the world is going to take out dependence on religion. Now from the viewpoint of the Bible this is a thousand-year tribulation where the Devil will reign supreme.

I don’t know but I get my opinions mixed up. But nevermind, what’s gonna happen’s gonna happen. 🙂


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