Past the Train Tracks

Another school year draws to a close again. First year felt so fast. I don’t know what I did but I guess I did a lot.

The mission was to get noticed. Make noise. Waves. I don’t know how to say it but I think I fell short. I didn’t expect anything to happen though but guess the stuff I did was okay. Looking back a year ago it looks like I’ve improved (a bit, or a lot) and most especially working with watercolor. For so many years I have conquered my fear of using water or liquid mediums. Almost a year ago when I bought my first sketchbook and watercolor cakes and since then it has been entertaining.

Speaking of digital work I’ve been in too much of close encounters with textures. Went so far by scanning some tissue paper for the sake (which I use almost everytime) and it works. With all modesty, throughout the year there have been so many people telling me how good my work is and it keeps getting better everytime. These people make it all worthwhile, even if sometimes I don’t get compensated justly by some clients, it’s okay.

But I digress. I like to think my work is never at its best.. It’s evolving, changing, I’m learning new things, exploring. I guess that’s what I’m happy about. The constant change and development and work. It gets stressful and boring and sometimes not too fruitful at times but it’s what makes me happy. It’s what makes me tick. I have a lot of friends who believe in me and what I can do. I thank them all with everything I’ve got.

I’m about to make another big step in my life, maybe this summer and for the rest of this year.. I hope everything goes well.


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