The State of the Sky

I’ve talked a lot today, and in the past few days I haven’t thought about anything to put here. But I guess I’ll just have to write.

Nothing interesting.

Dropped this last by the end of December last year for the Flood victims in Iligan. I miss sketching and watercolor and ink. I couldn’t find the motivation these days. Everything feels so busy. I have to bring my laptop to school tomorrow, just because.. It’s giving me scoliosis. Goodnight.

On second thought I should make this a bit longer. Yesterday I remembered when I was younger I always stared at the sky. It always seemed and felt like the sky was everything about today; the clouds if they brought rain, or the blue sky against the green tops of trees. I was always once wary about the state of the sky. Always on the lookout. But as years passed and I grew older, my life has passed from watching the clouds pass and into trivial things.

As our world grew bigger, the sky became smaller; As our aspirations rise, our glances fall down to back into the earth.

It’s almost summer again. Summers are great but I stay away from the beach. There are a lot of people trying to outflaunt each other in every other way. In some ways I don’t like it. Just saying. I’m thinking about flying somewhere or a trip into the mountains. Or at least joining the scouts for a week of camping. Guess that’ll do.

Reminds me of the lenten season. I have to abstain from several things I’m willing to give up. 48 days. Let’s see how long I can go.

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