This photo should be torn down. Seriously. But I have to post this because I got this close to Leo Lastimosa. (like it mattered a lot) I’ve talked about that shit before here. He’s a great radio man and all.. Everyone knows that. And my certain liking towards Radio people.

Angelicopter is hot, but she’s married. Count Grace Lee out too, she’s dating the president. Mo, I guess, smart dude, I like his brain and guts. Funny things in the radio with a morning jeepney ride with ArtThere is nothing much to say about today, but I’d like to greet two of my friends today: Ian and ShammyShammy’s technically the third girl I’ve been a rose too. She’s sweet all the time. Makes you want to stick around her for a long time. Ea had issues today again, but I won’t tell, I guess I won’t care to tell.

The best thing about today was my plate, I didn’t screw it up. I’ll find that photo and bring it right here..

Yes I made it just this morning.. Well most of it. I like doing plates in a manic and rushed manner so I can choke it with my full concentration and creativity minus the planning. This was made in clay. I didn’t expect it to have a modest grade, but Miss Castro gave me so. I love that woman. Even though a lot dislike the reading-the-powerpoint thing, I guess it’s great to see some visuals and talk around class and crap. And I learn a lot from History of Art. Maybe because I’m interested, and maybe I’m not. I’d share a story here but maybe not today, I’ll look for it tomorrow. There’s a photo that comes with it.

I had dinner at Dirky’s or so I call him that, and everybody soon calls him with that name, and I guess it suits him well. Pretty cool house without being too big and utilizing the space around and about. I should quit talking here and start thinking about our group’s video. Or we’re screwed. Goodnight.


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