I Don’t Feel Like Writing Today

I had a night out on karaoke and beer, Shammy’s party. Before that I we had dinner with Tony, Vince and Julio. Julio, that funny mexicano dude, totally awkward but funny. I like that guy. The thing is you can’t tell if he’s pissed or not. Either way he’s Mexican so he makes tacos and burritos at home and smells like Salsa. Kidding. Before that I sat on coffee with Ea, Gio and Dynelle. Oh I just remembered now we saw the Leo Lastimosa hanging out at Postrio Parkmall.. And all the while we were talking I half of my ear was eavesdropping and all I could comprehend (or remember having heard of) was about China and some other shit. I should keep professional radio men-lawyer stuff to them.

The problem is the dude with him didn’t eat a whole slice of purple ube cake. Who in this sane world would buy a totally harmless Ube Cake and not eat it? Really! It breaks my heart seeing a huge slice of purple cake sitting alone in the middle of a table.. Totally.. Untouched. Truth to be told I’ve had thoughts of eating it, well not only me but Dynelle too, she has impulsive tendency issues, and I was sure we could have eaten it if there wasn’t a camera around. But there was one, so we saved ourselves from humiliation and held back that strong feeling of wanting to eat that piece of cake. Put in the shaking hands and lip-biting effect. But I guess it still doesn’t matter because I took some photos with the guy I listen to every morning. (Ea and Dynelle should upload them) He gives me a lot of good political and social insight. I love that guy, his fearless demeanor. He can badmouth any guy any day and he gets paid for it.. That’s one thing about radio men, including talk show hosts on radio, they can talk about shit all the time and get paid for it. Given they’d entertain listeners, though.

It was my first time inside CICC. Well I think it wasn’t really that awesome.. I’m sure some bigger places in Manila could have overdone it. SMX Center during Graphika Manila was huge. With several screens, and the central platform where the speakers stand from.. Imagine putting those department store demonstration boys with the Excalicut cool knives that cut a thousand designs of carrots and potatoes, or that Golden Tiger handheld vacuum cleaner with that cute sucking sound. It would be cool, I guess. I like the sound of vacuum cleaners and hair blowers, they sound cute, I guess. For me. Thank you, things. You’re so cuet.

The play was funny. I loved how it went with five actors and the funny lines. Though it was a whole lot american sounding I had so many laughs out of my pocket. I wouldn’t have that much fun though if I sat at the back so I made my way down the center isle with Gem, Steph and Aid. We sat down infront and I can’t stop thinking about how the actors feel onstage. I think they have that huge self-confidence and mastery over the script and such. I swear I could have wanted to go into theatre, the problem is I don’t have that determination to memorize all that crap. I’d like to imagine if it was me onstage the director would kill me for changing the dialogue. The weird thing was Brent, that huge guy, had huge hands. Huge. Huge hands mean something. If you know what I mean. Probably too huge. Kicker made me laugh a lot. Though not that kind of laugh I get from.. Well, I don’t know, basta, not that binge kind of laugh, if there was binge laughing. Maybe a sneer or a short haha. I don’t want to look like having a poor sense of humor.

I liked the cute girl with the glasses and the pigtails. When I was younger I’d have crushes with those kind of girls. The unassuming ones who look pretty without trying to be. Maybe up until now.

And one thing about musicales, I fucking hate song breaks, they sound so cheesy. I love cheese but not really that kind of cheesy song-and-dance type, the thing most american pre-teens would love to watch on TV. I kind of remember how we’d do it in highschool, Ken and I, we’d imagine the world was a huge musical movie. We’d buy from the canteen singing.. Or point at birds singing. Or get into class and answering the teacher singing. Plus the cheesy hand gestures. I miss you Ken, I guess we should have stupid fun sometime.

Maybe that’s it. I rode shotgun for Jun on my way home. By the time I got home it was almost 2. One thing I learned about today is that you can’t be halfhearted in giving comfort to someone. I know I wasn’t that kind of.. Comforting to her yesterday, her losing her accounting folder and crap. I feel bad about it despite the great day. But things kind of lightened up as I lay to bed. Thank God for the power of memories.


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