Where Do Lost Things Go?

Good morning. I really had a great morning so far. Been a long time since I’ve had the whole Saturday off. The good morning feeling, no rush, relax, the sunrise. I woke up reading Shin’s texts about how she forgot where she put her Accounting folder, and she called a bit, she sounded too sad to talk. She’s the nervous type and can’t stop worrying about things, which is funny because.. Most of the time I don’t have a fuck to give. Unlike her.

And I spent a lot of time letting nostalgia creep into me. Looking at photos of a summer vacation two summers ago and listening to its OST. One thing I noticed is that I don’t have a lot of photos. Maybe from now on, I should get myself infront of the camera more often. God, I miss those days. I wish I could go to sleep and dream being there.

That’s it for now, I’m watching a play this afternoon. I did something for the yearbook too, I’m worried about its progress. Pretty sure we’ll make it in time.

Lake Buswang, Asturias, Cebu. A really memorable camp because it was the first one we handled. We had a lot of free and fun time under the sun.. I wish I could bring back the feeling of being there. Sometime, if I could, we’d drive there. Sometime.


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