God I can’t make it halfway this video. I can’t finish a movie alone unless it’s about Medieval battles and shit. I always feel the need to sit in front during class. The good drawings never reach beyond the middle part of every sketchbook.. or never succeeded beyond the first five pages of a sketchpad. There must be some problem with my attention span.

Yes, yes I have been called a lot of names ever since I was little; ADHD and that kind of shit but I’ve never faced a doctor who might as well tell me all about it. Or maybe doctors, like lawyers, are really good liars. But I couldn’t care less. I have fun with what I’m doing everyday, that short, strong burst of enthusiasm that reminds me of a male orgasm. Funny huh. Every project begins with that intense burning passion that could rival jet fire fuel, spewing millions of possible ideas out of my head and into my mouth as it all goes out glib-tongue and through a stutter.

Something like “Blathoalsh shigmi getpahfaki Haha, oy oy oy! Di nasajaipagi jafrui” When I read it it sounds Indonesian in my head. Like the things you read at the back of cereal cartons.. And you try to find similar-sounding words, and when you find one you feel a little bit smarter each time. Kelalu. After the glorious overflow of ideas, I sit back and forget everything that has come out of my head. Awesome.

I did good in Drafting today. I think this was my best plate so far. I got the figure right and all the shit in place. Now I only have to practice minimizing the number of blots per stroke, which is as common as twice every three minutes. I guess the 10-minute rule applies to me everywhere, including drafting.


Based on almost two decades of intensive research, it has been concluded that Marc Abuan has an attention threshold of 10 minutes. Whether or not this is abnormal, it does not matter, because this is the truth. To put simply, I can only focus my attention on something for at a maximum of 10 minutes. Whether it may be a TV show, or a commercial, a game, cooking instant noodles or eggs, Philo class discussions, Alien abductions and such, be sure to make haste and consolidate all ideas and activities that require normal amount of focus and concentration before the 10-minute mark. If one fails to do so, more or less in 10 minutes, I have already lost my focus and interest and I can’t give a fuck.

For example, you meet someone new and the guy tells awesome stories about his life and shit. 10 minutes later he still wouldn’t stop talking about himself and his life, pretty sure I’ve already shifted my consciousness into some other source of interest, like a random bunny rabbit inside a tea bag. Tea bag. I’m sure there’s some meaning behind that.. If you know what I mean.

I’ve lost interest talking about my attention span. I think this is enough for today, I should get some sleep. I haven’t been sleeping for already four years. I guess I’d do myself justice and hit the sheets. And yes, I can sleep for more than 10 minutes.


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