Frank Filled Day

I watched My Paranormal Romance the second time today. This time I was with more friends so there were basically more laughs. Okay, watching it again wasn’t as funny as the first time but it doesn’t mean watching it the second time lost its “fun” value. I spent the last hundred bucks in my wallet just to watch it the second time around.

I have nothing much to say about today aside from our Philosophy teacher laughing the first time in class and it was the shit. I cannot explain how hard I fucking laughed because of his laugh. I wish I could let you see the expression in his face which is stiff as hell but his eyes grew wide and he laughed like, nah I don’t know roadrunner maybe? God I wish the world had more teachers like him. Doesn’t get overreacting and shit like that, and the best part is he isn’t prejudiced or somewhat like that. He sort of sees his students with a default common value and believes in the capability of each and every student.. Well at least that’s how I feel about his approach to class. I love that guy. I wish he had kids that are as awesome as he is and I could crown him King of Teaching Procedures. I had an 8 from the test earlier today, guess I did fine..

One should know that he’s a lawyer.. He’s that awesome. Plus that silly laugh. I still can’t stop thinking about it.

I haven’t thought much about last night’s post about Zombie Ethics though I got some good points with that. Tony is suffering from midlife crisis now, and as much as I had suffered it for the last two years it feels like it’s as bland as colds, or constipation. I get constipated with midlife crisis. Aside from that he brought me an article about Zombie Ethics and I looked up some more, did some skimming and shit. Saved it in the bookmarks. There are a lot of untouched cool stuff in my bookmarks which I always, always  forget to open for some reason why. Though a lot of people say bad about reading shit floating around the internet, most of which pretty useless, I beg to differ. These shit floating around the internet are basically stuff out of pure and honest inspiration, or not plagiarism, or in the same sense as of doctoral dissertations and theses, additions to the total sum of human knowledge. It is informal but at least in some way it helps expand how the world thinks about things. Imagination and free thinking.

Fuck these roaches keep showing up whenever I’m writing something. One thing about roaches is that they are excellent trolls. Live a week without a head, an egg with dozens of babies, what else, umm radiation-proof? That kind of stories? In an event of a nuclear fallout, these roaches shalt inherit the earth. Creepy stuff. Imagine how evolution would twist and deform and enlarge and.. I should stop thinking about roaches. I think they think a lot about me.

I hope you guys have a good day, I had an okay one, Ces and I had an epiphany during Freehand Drawing class, and that is one cannot be forced or imposed upon to work with watercolor. I downloaded Franco’s album yesterday night and all I could listen to all day was Cast Away.

I suck at following instructions, and I miss history class. Fuck some video to be passed on tuesday. Why does luck hate me when I’m in that room?!


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