Zombie Ethics

Today I watched the indie film entitled Di Ingon Nato, which in our native tongue roughly translates to Not Like Us.

Just a few moments ago I corrected a typo. Yes in yesterday’s entry I had a typo and two people namely Jana and Ea pitched me up but I couldn’t care any less. I like making mistakes because it makes me feel human. I like being in pain because it makes me human. Now I have to get out from this seat for a while and close the living room windows…

As I approached the windows just moments ago too, I imagine something popping out from nowhere and there I will stand, shitting bricks. I’ve watched too many horror movies to know that closing windows are a bad idea, same thing with walking out alone in the darkness, or calling out your lost dog or best friend’s name. Stupid shit, they’d do anything just to get the attention of some nasty bad guys. Well anyway the movie was okay, can’t say it was epic but entertaining. Maybe because there’s this thing about the Bisaya dialect; everything sounds funny even when you’re trying to be serious. Maybe at least in the movies.

So the movie was all about an isolated case of killings and deaths and infection, you know, the normal zombie shit. The best part is all of the dialogue is bisaya and the entire movie was an original Cebuano production, and was made (correct me if I’m wrong) a former student of USC. My bud Ian and I were the only ones who decided to watch the shit because the rest have their own reasons not to come. Inside the theatre were more than a handful of people, including our Freehand Drawing instructor, Mr. Muana, whom we fondly call Junx, of which I have always had close encounters with in my nights at the Outpost. He really has the charms aside from his voice and his attitude in dealing with us students which makes him unforgettable and adorable. (Sir Junx, if you read this, ako tong sigeg binuang kada Thursday sa buntag na banga mu watercolor)

It’s the only zombie movie where everyone dies.. lol to that.

And after watching the film with that overwhelming feeling right after,  I have collected my thoughts, with Hans beside me to distract me from my Filipino class. I like Filipino, our teacher is pleasant, has a way to deal with whatever crosses his class, but the problem is I don’t have a book and I couldn’t give a shit buying one. I will scan it right now.

I have written down the phases of how a patient becomes a zombie. Maybe the term victim is more appropriate, maybe?

In every zombie movie there is always that certain question of morality that rises: When a person is infected, does he still have the right to live and to fight for survival or is he considered as a threat to the security of the group? So this guy gets bitten and some dude says a bullets gonna clean up the mess, and some other guy just confronts the other guy and says what he’s doing is wrong. There’s a lot of guys in the picture so the fuck, what are we supposed to do when the question rises?

Shoot your friend before he turns into a brainess meat-eating machine? Or is he still a human being, with emotions, memories, relationships? Tell me all about it. I wish someone would talk to me regarding the formation of Zombie Ethics. Due to the seemingly impending doom that is about to cover as all, there is a need to question and review all possible operating procedures. In the event of a zombie outbreak, Zombie Ethics will give clear guidelines on how morality affects the infected. Although the subject matter is still nada for now, I hope this new idea would spark further ideas that would guarantee mankind a safe and secure future.

I feel like a weirdo talking all about this shit.. Anyway while watching the movie, or any movie, I think a lot about making my own version of it. Probably not by myself, but maybe just a part of it. Writing, maybe. I’d think I have a great taste when it comes to movies.. But it would take more to be a good filmmaker. I have always daydreamed how my movie would play out, sometimes a music video or whatnot.. There’s just basically a lot of stuff in my head and if only someone could like plug a jack on the back of my head and pass it on to a projector, maybe we’ll see some cool things that somebody might bother to use.


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