How Did Your Tuesday Go?

Lonely is an understatement. But I guess for the first time in years I’m technically free of obligation this year. Not that I’m skipping this year’s Hearts’ day, or I don’t give a shit, it’s just that there’s no one who would actually bother to spend the remainder of the day with me. But yeah, guess that’s okay cause it’s no Holiday. Maybe just another day the corporate world tries to boost their sales.

There are probably three things that were on my mind the whole bus ride home:

1. My Valentines Day

2. Other peoples’ Valentines Day

3. My Hanky 

First, To start off my Hearts Day.. Well let’s just say it has always been not my day; it has always been for another person. And I guess the miles don’t really stop me at all from trying (Haha) credits to some friends and acquaintances who had it their way out just to work out my plans. (Three Cheers to Jeremy, the working hand across the seas, and Marian, who, well basically sort-of blew me away. But I guess that’s okay. We have to try harder next time) I went on to complete the 2nd part of my not-so-intricate plans, though I must say I have planned with all of my heart. Flowers, and I took the call. I hope she keeps photos. 🙂

I guess that’s as how as significant my day went, just spent the afternoon in class getting pissed off by the end of the last period because another video needs to get done before tuesday next week. Talk about stress. But the day hasn’t ended yet for some, maybe for me too. She’s still on her way home as I write this up. Probably she had a great day with her friends, while I, on the other hand, soak up all the mushiness I could after a dib at the mall.. Yeah, I know I was all by myself and I left most of my cash at home so there’s that restraint. Good thing I checked out the Art Center and there’s this ongoing exhibit. Jose Joya Awards. There’s that artist feeling of jealousy when you see the names of people you know posted beside their exhibited artwork.. I get. Green. With. Envy. Well bitch please, maybe I’m just not made for art. Art and I have a complicated relationship.

Second, I took the liberty of being free for the day into making fun of couples today.. Laugh and Jeer at them teasingly. I’m not bitter at all but yeah, the sad truth is I’m alone the whole time. But that’s okay. That’s got no shit thrown to my face. At least I don’t look like all of the other boys with the girls and flowers and everything. And oh, remorse is spelled SUNDAE. Out of desperation to have a companion to have fun with, I decided to have a cup of Sundae from McDonald’s, and yes it is fun to look at people falling in line fpr the bus and you cut right through them and you get in first but you chose the seat with the dripping water right above your head. It’s okay, everybody had a good time, I guess. That’s not for me to say. So I leaned forward and started listening to my daily favorite: Boys Night Out of Magic 89.9. A lot of guys should tune in during their time, they give awesome shitty advice. Well not really. I guess the talk just flows and flows and it’s the type I’d like to listen to and have a few good laughs. Today’s topic was about whether that V-day special deed is better done Publicly or Privately. For one, being a soldier of love, would nobly choose Public. Let’s not start talking about that..

Third, and probably the most important. Kidding. So I took at dump in the mall so you know. It’s not appropriate to talk about shit and wiping your ass with your three-year-old hanky. That’s so not right. Especially during Valentines’ Day.


She’s online now, so I have to stop writing. Hope you had your 14 memorable and sweet. Hands up for the bachelors out there. You know what they say, save the best for last Hahaha Gnight



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