Saturday Night Out

I spent yesterday night at Luz’s place. Well basically it’s a hotel by the beach but in one and other ways things have been not in tip-top shape for years, ever since I’ve taken frequent visits here every now and then. The place isn’t far from my house. Just a motorcycle ride away, if you opt to pass through the back streets of Minglanilla. I have just discovered the shorter and much cheaper route headed there. I wonder why I haven’t found all about it since a few months ago, it would have been helpful during our highschool sleepovers.

Speaking of Highschool, yesterday night I was attacked by a strong wave of nostalgia brought upon watching 2 japanese animated movies namely Howl’s Moving Castle and My Neighbor Totoro. Pretty sure you’ve heard of these films, and yes they’re beautiful. I haven’t found myself some time to watch Spirited Away though its was on Disney this morning. Anyway what reminded me of the good old summers were how the artists involved in the film worked out the environments. Pretty sure these environments are one of the most neglected parts of the movies and of which the artists put a great deal of work into. Places, the sky, the trees, particularly in the movie My Neighbor Totoro, reminded me of one of my favorite summers. That was about two years ago.

Yeah, we were third year back then (I was so much thinner) and spent our summers into camp. For two straight weeks, and for probably a month or so, we have spent our days choked in the yoke of red cloth. Scouting isn’t greatly appreciated by everyone and most people see it as a club or so, but being one of the kids who spent most of High School marching around and preparing for camping and cooking up silly antics, Scouting isn’t about tacky uniforms and soldiers playing pretend.

I wasn’t always that best scout. I admit I seriously have problems with constructing shelters and whatever for the camp. Four years of my life into scouting, and I don’t remember a single good lash I’ve made. During junior year everyone was assigned to a rally game, something like a competition of speed and accuracy in the execution of bandages, knots, or whatnot; I remember watching them practice and sitting by the side during the Friday Formations. I was always assigned to the more.. clerical, say, subjective? I couldn’t find the right word for that.. But let’s just say I’ve always been the one on the front line when it comes to the pen and paper, and color.

And campings were never that good to me, I mean the beginning part; All I could do was haul the big stuff and check up on everyone and do nothing for the lot. I could never sit down and finish a lash, or build a table or dig a hole, or anything else that required focus and attention.. And yeah, maybe I wasn’t a good scout after all. Good thing I didn’t take the Eagle Board of Review. The thing is I didn’t have that kind of confidence in myself when it comes to things like these. I only liked to prepare for campfire presentations, think about funny things and talk, talk and talk.

But I guess it doesn’t make me a less good scout than anyone else. I know I haven’t been one of the best and the exceptional, but I’ve written my own story in four years. Some bad, some good, but in the end, they’re all good laughs to remember. I miss the feeling of wearing my A-type uniform. I miss the feeling of coming home dirty and tired during friday nights, or sleeping under the sky during campings. Not everyone could understand why I miss those days so much. It was so carefree. It took me away from the stress school brought me even though it was undeniably an addition to the burden. But as they say, there’s always that bittersweet flavor you’ll always love.

And even though I didn’t spend last night out, spending a day or so with old friends is still the best cure for boredom.

I’ll be out in a jiffy, gonna watch indie films. Bye guys. If you’re in Cebu right now you should check out the films in SM Cinema 3, I guess they’re showing films until the end of this week. And if you haven’t seen My Neighbor Totoro, I suggest you should.


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