Another Fresh Start

I’ve been through a lot of fresh starts. I make them so often they look like tiny booger studs along my wall, that is, if I decide to put my life on a wall.

A "Fresh" Start
A “Fresh” Start

Just last weekend I flew over to Manila for an Uncle’s wedding. Met up with my friends too and drove to Tagaytay. Weird but it’s my first time there. As much as I like the place, the scenery, the air and height that’s so much me, I warded myself off from the opulence of advertising signs on every corner and street. The best place to stay, the cheapest and the best value for your money; well, whatever. Everything’s dying to be adopted. That weekend was a break from the monotony of sleepless nights and class. I’ve missed three PE classes for the past week and I’m trying to recuperate from this loss from my laziness.. Which is of course an unstoppable force to reckon with.

And for so many times I’ve said this line, it feels too cliche already. I’ll be starting my own story here. And I still pray for that consistency. Ciao, kids. Keep reading.


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